The South Florida Youth Football League (SFYFL) is a non-profit organization that serves Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  
The only purpose for which this league is formed is to benefit children. We do so in the following ways:
  • Promote and maintain physical exercise, physical fitness, and moral well being of children.
  • Support the educational initiatives and endeavors of the cities, clubs and youth involved in our league.
  • Engage, assist, encourage, participate, and teach the fundamentals of American Football.
  • To further sportsmanship and honor among children in a competitive atmosphere.
  • Promote and oversee amateur games, contests sports and athletics while elevating the standards and competitive level of amateur athletics.
  • Foster and encourage community pride through local amateur athletics.
  • Instill wholesome values in youngsters and young adults.
  • Enact and establish rules and regulations governing such games, contest, competitions and exhibitions classifying those participating therein, determining and defining awards and prizes for winning contests, defining and awarding tokens and insignia of championships and determining and defining breaches and infractions of its rules and regulations, and imposing penalties therefore in accordance with the law.
  • Exercise disciplinary authority so far as is lawful over all persons engaged in such games, competitions, and exhibitions to the end that amateur games and contest may be subject to clean, dignified competition.
  • Assist in combating juvenile delinquency by providing and promoting the physical and emotional well being of young athletes.
  • All other ways as are necessary in order to accomplish our only purpose